About us

Ecovolve is a SAS established in Ardèche in July 2012 by Milena and Lionel Mestre, two lovers of sustainable and fair development. Ecovolve aims to manufacture decorative and comfort products with original design, that combine quality, noble and natural materials, organic certification, french origin and fair price.

Ecovolve completely control the entire chain of production that is certified organic by Ecocert under GOTS (ecological and ethical textiles).

Lionel and Milena Mestre creators of Ecovolve

Lionel Mestre and Milena creators of Ecovolve

Ecovolve buys fabrics directly in Turkey and does the confection in a family business in Serbia. Filling and making the products is done in France . This allows to label most products manufactured in France (more than 50 % of the cost coming from France ) while keeping a price affordable by many.

Ecovolve is responsible, ethical and transparent and markets its products under two brands.


Crocatou is a brand of high quality natural accessories for babies and kids. All products are certified organic (under GOTS) by Ecocert.


Revolana is a line of comfort and well-being home items that are all natural using mostly wool instead of synthetic fibers.