Ecovolve is a French-Serbian company that created Revolana and co-founded Ott System

Les accessoires et le linge de lit naturels de la gamme Revolana Revolana

All accessories for a healthy and natural bedding

Le système de literie naturelle Ott Système

A complete natural bed solution

About Ecovolve

Milena et Lionel Mestre fondateurs d’Ecovolve
Milena and Lionel Mestre founders of Ecovolve

Milena and Lionel Mestre are founders of Ecovolve in France (2012) and Serbia (2015). Ecovolve manufactures all Ott System textile covers in Serbia and, under the brand name Revolana, the accessories for natural bedding (pillows, duvets, mattress toppers, bed linen) essential for a complete bedding solution. From June 2018, Milena and Lionel Mestre will also be responsible for the development of Revolana and Ott System in Serbia.

Ecovolve France

630 Route du Moulin,
F-07170 Lavilledieu


Ecovolve Serbia

Petkov Kladenac 4A/5,
RS-11000 Belgrade